Saturday, June 14, 2008

ki'e - thanks

This week:

* rinka 'cause'
* krino 'reason'
* gasnu 'do'
* fasnu 'event'
* gleki 'happy'

Again, I need some help to post on a daily basis. Volunteers are welcome.
Thanks for still reading if you do so. I'll install something to give me access statistics, just to make sure I'm not doing this in vain.

Just to remember you:

* sidja 'help'
* nitcu 'need'
* djuno 'know'
* dinju 'building'
* cunso 'random'

The words of the week before summed up:

* taxfu 'garment'
* cekra 'shirt'
* palku 'pants'
* skaci 'skirt'
* pastu 'robe'

The words of the week before the week before were:

* balvi 'past'
* purci 'future'
* cmima 'member'
* lerfu 'letteral
* zmadu 'more'

The long-long-time ago words:

* darlu 'argue'
* girzu 'group'
* tinbe 'obey'
* kagni 'company'
* zekri 'crime'

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