Friday, January 30, 2009

fi'i - 'hospitality'



vocative: hospitality - inhospitality; you are welcome/ make yourself at home


fi'inai | COI* | inhospitality | vocative: hospitality - inhospitality

A quick follow up...please drop me a comment on irc/blog comment/jabber whether you prefered the cmavo postings over the gismu postings.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

nu'e - 'promise'



vocative: promise - promise release - un-promise

Related to {nu'e} are those two:

nu'ecu'i | COI* | release from promise | vocative: promise - promise release - un-promise
nu'enai | COI* | non-promise | vocative: promise - promise release - un-promise

Should I post more cmavo or restrict to gismu again?

ju'i - 'attention'



vocative: attention - at ease - ignore me

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ba'a - 'I anticipate'


'I anticipate'

evidential: I expect - I experience - I remember

cf. bavykri, lifri, morji

Those to derive from this:

ba'acu'i | UI*2 | I experience | evidential: I expect - I experience - I remember

ba'anai | UI*2 | I remember | evidential: I expect - I experience - I remember

Monday, January 26, 2009

pe'i - 'I opine'


'I opine'

evidential: I opine (subjective claim)

cf. jinvi

Ha, as nobody commented on a next topic you now have to live with the things I came up (well, timos helped me with it, thanks).
This week I'll post some cmavo which might be useful in conversations. I think most attitudinals are known and I linked the grammar section in one of my previous posts. {pe'i} is a evidential, which can be found in the same chapter as attitudinals, but in subsection 11 (see here: Chapter 11, Subsection 13).

Saturday, January 24, 2009

ki'e - thanks

This time:

* prami 'love'
* cfipu 'confusing'
* ckasu 'ridicule'
* ckeji 'ashamed'

Thanks for reading this blog. I've no idea for a new topic. Suggest something or just live with my random ideas!

Last week:

* xenru 'regret'
* pacna 'hope'
* pendo 'friend'
* badri 'sad'
* steba 'frustration'
* cinmo 'emotion'

Some time ago:

* jarco 'show'
* mapti 'fit'
* judri 'address'
* vreji 'record'
* terpa 'fear'

Even longer ago:

* rinka 'cause'
* krino 'reason'
* gasnu 'do'
* fasnu 'event'
* gleki 'happy'

Ages ago:

* sidja 'help'
* nitcu 'need'
* djuno 'know'
* dinju 'building'
* cunso 'random'

Friday, January 23, 2009

ckeji - 'ashamed'

kej, cke


x1 feels ashamed/mortified/humiliated under conditions x2 before community/audience x3

cf. cinmo

This is the last word for the topic 'cinmo'. Something different next week.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

ckasu - 'ridicule'



x1 ridicules/mocks/scoffs at x2 about x3 (property/event) by doing activity x4 (event)

cf. cmila

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

cfipu - 'confusing'



x1 (event/state) confuses/baffles x2 [observer] due to [confusing] property x3 (ka)

cf. pluja, cfipu, zunti

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

prami - 'love'

pam, pa'i


x1 loves/feels strong affectionate devotion towards x2 (object/state)

* also: x1 is loving towards x2, x1 is a lover of x2 (one sense), x2 is beloved by x1 (= selpa'i for reordered places)

cf. cinmo, xebni, nelci, djica, sinma, pluka, kurji, pendo, speni

I think everyone already knows this word because it's used in quite a big number of examples among the introductionary texts, but nevertheless I post it because it fits the topic.

Monday, January 19, 2009

ki'e - thanks

I think it's time for a summary again:

* xenru 'regret'
* pacna 'hope'
* pendo 'friend'
* badri 'sad'
* steba 'frustration'
* cinmo 'emotion'

Thanks for reading this blog.

Some time ago:

* jarco 'show'
* mapti 'fit'
* judri 'address'
* vreji 'record'
* terpa 'fear'

Even longer ago:

* rinka 'cause'
* krino 'reason'
* gasnu 'do'
* fasnu 'event'
* gleki 'happy'

Ages ago:

* sidja 'help'
* nitcu 'need'
* djuno 'know'
* dinju 'building'
* cunso 'random'

So long ago that I've a hard time remembering:

* taxfu 'garment'
* cekra 'shirt'
* palku 'pants'
* skaci 'skirt'
* pastu 'robe'

xenru - 'regret'



x1 regrets/rues (abstraction) x2; x1 is regretful/rueful/sorry/[remorseful] about x2

also: x1 feels remorse about x2 (= zugyxe'u)

cf. cmavo list .u'u, zungi

Finally a word which references the cmavo lists' attitudinal indicators, so here the link to the chapter in the grammar:;download=y

Sunday, January 18, 2009

pacna - 'hope'



x1 hopes/wishes for/desires x2 (event), expected likelihood x3 (0-1); x1 hopes that x2 happens

* also: x1 is hopeful of x2; x2 will hopefully occur, as hoped for by x1
* the value of x3 is a subjective estimate of likeliness according to x1, and is the basic determinant of whether pacna means 'hope' or 'wish' or 'expect': hoping for objects/states with negligible expectation is "wishing"
* if the state is plausibly likely, it is "hoping"
* when the probability is subjectively near 1, the attitude is described as "expecting"
* the value will usually be expressed using inexact numbers ("li piso'u" to "li piro")
* wish (= sotpa'a), hope (= sorpa'a), expect (= sojypa'a)]

cf. djica

Saturday, January 17, 2009

pendo - 'friend'

ped, pe'o


x1 is/acts as a friend of/to x2 (experiencer); x2 befriends x1

cf. bradi, xendo, nelci, prami, bradi

Though this isn't a feeling, it's the right time for this word.

I think this is the first time I don't post a list of words but a new word on a saturday.

Friday, January 16, 2009

badri - 'sad'



x1 is sad/depressed/dejected/[unhappy/feels sorrow/grief] about x2 (abstraction)

cf. klaku, gleki, betri, cinmo, junri

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

steba - 'frustration'



x1 feels frustration about x2 (abstraction)

cf. cinmo

cinmo - 'emotion'



x1 feels emotion x2 (ka) about x3

* also mood/humor (= nuncni)

cf. cmavo list ci'o, cumla, jilra, nelci, xendo, ckeji, cortu, jgira, kecti, kufra, manci, prami, steba, zungi, badri, burna, gleki

I'll just inserted this post to the date of the day before yesterday to have some topic for the following posts.
Maybe with the help of the follow words better answers to the generic question {do mo} (than {mi zasti}) are possible.