Sunday, March 19, 2017

ganse - 'sense '

gas ga'e sense
'sense '
x1 [observer] senses/detects/notices stimulus property x2 (ka) by means x3 under conditions x4 4d 70 [x1 is sensitive to x2; also feels, spots, perceiv

[x1 is sensitive to x2; also feels, spots, perceives, makes out, discerns/recognizes (but only implying reaction without necessarily any significant mental processing); note that the emphasis is on a property which stimulates x1 and is detected (sanji is passive about the sensing, and is not limited to sensory input, as well as presuming some kind of discernment/recognition, while not being concerned with the means of detection); x3 sense/sensory channel]; (cf. pencu, sanji, viska, sumne, tirna, zgana, canci, simlu)


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