Monday, May 26, 2008

cunso - 'random'

cun cu'o


x1 is random/fortuitous/unpredictable under conditions x2, with probability distribution x3.

* Also accidental, chancy, by chance, adventitious, arbitrary
* also = cuncu'a, cunselcu'a, cunjdi, cunseljdi
* based on "unpredictable"

(c.f. cnici, lakne, funca, kalsa, snuti.)


durka said...

za'o mi tatpi lo nu jmina lo tolslabu valsi lo girzu pe la riMEMbyraiz ja'e lo du'u mi sampla bau la lisp fi ra
i ka'e viska le selsampla vi la'oi lisppaste
to mi baza jmina loi pinka toi

So I finally got tired of adding the words to the Rememberize set, and wrote a Lisp program to do it for me. You can see it here. (At some point, I will comment it.)

Xris said...

ki'e durkas.

Lisp is a nice choice .ui Good to see that the rememberize set is kept up to date. Sorry for my big latency .uinai

durka said...

Commented. (see original lisppaste)