Saturday, May 17, 2008

ki'e - thanks

This week:

* balvi 'past'
* purci 'future'
* cmima 'member'
* lerfu 'letteral
* zmadu 'more'

Thanks for still reading this blog. I'm note quite sure whether the references to the refgram were helpful. There is another link I wanted to post the whole week but forgot every time I wrote a post: . The Lojban Wikipedia has a set of pictures for the gismu which might be helpful to the visual leaner. Maybe someone wants the joint the word of the day with the picture and post it on the lojban picture board at .

Just to remember you:

* darlu 'argue'
* girzu 'group'
* tinbe 'obey'
* kagni 'company'
* zekri 'crime'

The words of the week before summed up:

* kansa 'with'

The words of the week before the week before were:

* kelci 'play'
* bende "crew'
* bilma 'ill'
* xrani 'injure'
* gleki 'happy'

The long-long-time ago words:

* jivna 'compete'
* talsa 'challenge'
* bapli 'force'
* jinga 'win'
* certu 'expert'

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