Saturday, May 31, 2008

ki'e - thanks

This week:

* sidja 'help'
* nitcu 'need'
* djuno 'know'
* dinju 'building'
* cunso 'random'

Thanks for still reading this blog. I apologize for creating posts "in the past". That weeks topic was "random", meaning I just picked up random words from the gismu list because I didn't have a great idea for a new topic. Suggestions, as allways, are welcome.

Just to remember you:

* taxfu 'garment'
* cekra 'shirt'
* palku 'pants'
* skaci 'skirt'
* pastu 'robe'

The words of the week before summed up:

* balvi 'past'
* purci 'future'
* cmima 'member'
* lerfu 'letteral
* zmadu 'more'

The words of the week before the week before were:

* darlu 'argue'
* girzu 'group'
* tinbe 'obey'
* kagni 'company'
* zekri 'crime'

The long-long-time ago words:

* kansa 'with'


arno said...

how about a week on family members?

Xris said...

Hey, that sounds good. Maybe I'll extend that to interhuman-relationships :)