Friday, February 27, 2009

smuni - 'meaning'

mun, smu


x1 is a meaning/interpretation of x2 recognized/seen/accepted by x3

* referential meaning (=selsni, snismu)

cf. jimpe, sinxa, valsi, tanru, gismu, lujvo, cmavo, jufra

Thursday, February 26, 2009

platu - 'plan'



x1 (agent) plans/designs/plots plan/arrangement/plot/[schematic] x2 for state/process x3

* also invents/organizes; x2 design, scheme; the structure or layout of an object would be represented as a state in x3

cf. cartu

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

zbasu - 'make'



x1 makes/assembles/builds/manufactures/creates x2 out of materials/parts/components x3

Note: should not be used to express causation

cf. cupra, larcu, rutni, finti, gundi

Well, maybe cmavo next week (:

Monday, February 23, 2009

larcu - 'art'



x1 (process) is an art [creative application] of craft/skill x2 (idea/activity)

* (adjective:) x1 is artistic

cf. finti, zbasu, stati

May I point the interested reader to the irregular web comic: - it's quite nice and recently put under the "Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported" license.
By the way, aood opportunity for any semi-talented artist to create some awesome lojbanic comics! Lazy semi-talented artists could also follow the dinosaur-comics at using the same panels over and over again.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

ki'e - thanks

This time:

* spaji - 'surprise'
* tatpi - 'tired'
* melbi - 'beautiful'
* fange - 'foreign'
* mukti - 'motive'

Thanks for reading this blog. Maybe I'll post some cmavo next week.

Last week:

* cumki - 'possible'
* trina - 'attract'
* sivni - 'private'
* birti - 'certain'
* fliba - 'fail' '

Some time ago:

* fi'i - 'hospitality'
* nu'e - 'promise'
* ju'i - 'attention'
* ba'a - 'I anticipate'
* pe'i - 'I opine

Even longer ago:

* prami 'love'
* cfipu 'confusing'
* ckasu 'ridicule'
* ckeji 'ashamed'

Friday, February 20, 2009

spaji - 'surprise'



x1 (event/action abstract) surprises/startles/is unexpected [and generally sudden] to x2

* also expectation (= nalspaji)
* alarm (= tepspaji)

cf. manci, jenca, bredi, suksa

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

tatpi - 'tired'



x1 is tired/fatigued by effort/situation x2 (event); x1 needs/wants rest

cf. cikna, sipna, surla

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

melbi - 'beautiful'

mel, mle


x1 is beautiful/pleasant to x2 in aspect x3 (ka) by aesthetic standard x4

* also: handsome, pretty, gorgeous, cute, comely, graceful

cf. pluka, xamgu

A quite frequently used word I suppose.

But there is another thing I wanted to point out: Some time ago I included a "flagcounter" on the blog, which traces the countries the visitors come from (at least accoring to their ISPs). Up to now, people from more than 20 different countries visited the blog, not counting the people only reading the RSS-feed! Hooray! See for yourself, in case you're interested:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

fange - 'foreign'



x1 is alien/foreign/[exotic]/unfamiliar to x2 in property x3 (ka)

cf. cizra, jbena, ckini

Err, I'll just pretend the previous days did not happen and I'm in time with my posts. Sorry (:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

mukti - 'motive'

muk, mu'i


x1 (action/event/state) motivates/is a motive/incentive for action/event x2, per volition of x3

* also x3 is motivated to bring about result/goal/objective x2 by x1 (= termu'i for reordered places)
* (note that 'under conditions' BAI may apply and be appropriately added to the main predicate level or within the x2 action level)

cf. cmavo list mu'i, nibli, te zukte - generally better for 'goal', se jalge, krinu, rinka, ciksi, djica, xlura

Yeah, some motivation is what I need right now...Sorry for omitting yesterdays posting, I'll do an out of order posting to have 5 words at the end of the week.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

ki'e - thanks

This time:

* cumki - 'possible'
* trina - 'attract'
* sivni - 'private'
* birti - 'certain'
* fliba - 'fail' '

Thanks for reading this blog.

Last week:

* fi'i - 'hospitality'
* nu'e - 'promise'
* ju'i - 'attention'
* ba'a - 'I anticipate'
* pe'i - 'I opine

Some time ago:

* prami 'love'
* cfipu 'confusing'
* ckasu 'ridicule'
* ckeji 'ashamed'

Friday, February 6, 2009

cumki - 'possible'

cum, cu'i


x1 (event/state/property) is possible under conditions x2; x1 may/might occur; x1 is a maybe

* also possibility

cf. lakne, cumki

Thursday, February 5, 2009

trina - 'attract'



x1 attracts/appeals to/lures x2 (person/event) with property/quality x3 (ka)

* also: x1 is alluring to x2

cf. djica, nelci, rigni, xlura, maksi

So, is there another word for prey except maybe the x2 of {kalte}?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

sivni - 'private'



x1 is private/personal/privy/[secret/confidential/confined] to x2; x1 is not-public/hidden

* also: x1 is secret (one sense)
* x2 is in the know/in touch with/privy to x1 (= selsivni for reordered places)
* exclusion can be expressed by na'e(bo) in x2: excluded/in the dark (= nalselsivni)

cf. gubni, mipri

{sivni} is also this weeks topic, because most of the recent posts are connected through recent events in my life.

birti - 'certain'



x1 is certain/sure/positive/convinced that x2 is true

cf. jetnu, jinvi, krici, djuno, senpi, sruma

The gismu {djuno} was already posted quite some time ago. Remember?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

fliba - 'fail'



x1 fails at doing x2 (state/event); x1 is a failure at its role in x2

* baffled (= pesfli, jmifli, dafspufli, menfli, among other senses);
* also x2 ceases/does not complete/fails to continue due to failure on the part of x1

cf. cfila, snada, srera, troci, sisti, ranji, denpa, bebna, zunti

Due to recent events, the 100th posts is 'fail'. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

ki'e - thanks

This time:

* fi'i - 'hospitality'
* nu'e - 'promise'
* ju'i - 'attention'
* ba'a - 'I anticipate'
* pe'i - 'I opine'

Thanks for reading this blog.

Last week:

* prami 'love'
* cfipu 'confusing'
* ckasu 'ridicule'
* ckeji 'ashamed'

Some time ago:

* xenru 'regret'
* pacna 'hope'
* pendo 'friend'
* badri 'sad'
* steba 'frustration'
* cinmo 'emotion'

Even longer ago:

* jarco 'show'
* mapti 'fit'
* judri 'address'
* vreji 'record'
* terpa 'fear'